How PrimeLister Makes Cross-listing & Re-listing on Mercari Easy

Relisting Jul 11, 2021

Every seller knows that cross-listing and re-listing can be a tedious and difficult task. It can eat away at precious time that could be spent on other important aspects of your business. But, it is an essential task that boosts supplements revenue on Mercari and exposure on Mercari alternative platforms. PrimeLister allows a seller to manage every one of their listings in one more convenient place. What’s more, the software is easy to use and understand.

What actually is re-listing, and why should you do it?

Re-listing is when you remove a product from the market and then put it back on the market with similar details. People re-list items to improve their photos, update their descriptions, or even add some keywords to increase the item’s exposure. Re-listing an item can boost its presence as a “new” item on Mercari and increase your sales and income.

Benefits of re-listing:

Re-listing allows you to refurbish and revitalize your items, increasing the likelihood that they will be seen and thus the likelihood that they will sell. Furthermore, by re-listing, you can alter the price of items to increase profit margins. Finally, you can re-list at strategic times, such as holidays, when people are more likely to purchase items as gifts.

Can I re-list on Mercari?

Mercari is a large platform that sells a variety of products and can be a great tool for anyone who wants to sell items or add to their revenue from other platforms like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. However, moving your items to a whole new platform from another one can be extremely daunting and time-consuming. This is where PrimeLister becomes your best friend. You absolutely can re-list on Mercari. The reason many people and companies don’t is because of the stress and hard labor of doing so – stress and hard labour that doesn’t exist for those who use an inventory management platform like PrimeLister.

So, how do I re-list an item on Mercari?

Well, with PrimeLister, the process is simple, fast and more streamlined than ever before. PrimeLister takes the tedious and difficult tasks of importing your listings, organizing your inventory, cross-listing your items and re-listing your items. PrimeLister will import your entire shop onto Mercari and allow you to delist and relist at the click of a few buttons. This will increase your exposure, as well as thinning risks on other platforms, as you won’t be putting all of your eggs into one basket.

Manually re-listing on Mercari:

  1. Locate the listing you want to re-list
  2. Go to the edit page and select ‘copy listing’
  3. Open a new tab of Mercari
  4. Return to the original listing and delete it
  5. Repost your new listing

The process of re-listing using PrimeLister is simple:

  1. Import your listings by giving PrimeLister your URL.
  2. Go through your listings and click the tick box for any you wish to re-list. (Click into them individually if you need to make changes to price or description).
  3. Go to the top-bar where it says PrimeLister actions.
  4. Click Re-list items. Click YES, RE-LIST ITEMS NOW.
  5. You are done. It has been re-listed on all platforms you have connected to your PrimeLister account.

As you Can see, Primelister makes the entire process of re-listing much easier for you. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what one of our customers had to say:

Crosspost software of PrimeLister is the single most important investment that I have made for my business. I was imagining crossposting my vintage inventory from Mercari to Poshmark and became one of the early users of this tool. PrimeLister saved me so much time. I posted my items to multiple marketplaces in a short time. I have seen a 25% increase in my sales in such a short time. Also, great support, I get a response in minutes whenever I have questions. Thank you, guys. Emma

Why should I re-list on Mercari?

Mercari works by placing the newest posts at the top of the results feed when someone searches for an item. This means that newer posts will gain more exposure than older, more stale ones. By re-listing your items regularly, you will make sure to be at the top of the results feed when people search for your items. So, if you re-list regularly, you’ll gain more exposure, sell more items, and gain more revenue. Are there any drawbacks? Not many - if you use an automatic re-listing bot like PrimeLister!

Managing your inventory on Mercari:

No shop owner likes a messy inventory. It makes changing anything a hassle, and you can easily lose track of stock. A messy inventory also makes a bad impression on your customers and can be off-putting because it takes too long to find a desired product.

Thankfully, PrimeLister can help you to organise your shop, in a smart and efficient way. PrimeLister allows you to manage all of your listings through groups and tags, which is a more aesthetically pleasing method of organisation than others on the market. What’s more, changing your inventory on one site will automatically change it on the others, meaning you only have to carry out the easy process once. This can make re-listing on Mercari that bit easier.

Is there a bot for Mercari?

You may already be aware of and use a Poshmark assistant (PrimeLister works as an assistant for Poshmark, eBay, Facebook marketplace, Etsy and more), which can help you with tedious tasks such as sending offers to sellers. But you may not be aware that PrimeLister also offers this service for Mercari, which is another reason to start listing on Mercari.

The Mercari assistant will help to automate and run your shop, by linking products, returning shares and likes, as well as following other users. It can even share your items for you. Ultimately, the Mercari bot makes your life much much easier when selling products.

PrimeLister makes using Mercari easy. Using PrimeLister, you can set dates for when your item needs to be put up for sale. This means that, even when you are not working, your shop operates, and you can make more revenue with less effort. It’s a no-brainer.

How often to re-list on Mercari:

PrimeLister recommends that you re-list on Mercari under 2 conditions:

  1. If the listing is more than 1 month old. If your listing is this old, it’s a sign that it might need renovating and refreshing. Re-listing allows you to change the photos, keywords, and descriptions in order to increase exposure and want for your item.
  2. Upon a new season. Seasons really have an effect on people’s buying habits. If items are listed out of season, then you need to make sure that they are leading the listings as the season turns over. Alternatively, if you have items ready for the next season, you can relist just as people start to search for that item.

You shouldn’t buy PrimeLister to use with Mercari exclusively. The remarkable part of the tool is that it works across many sites. If you have PrimeLister, re-listing on Mercari will also relist on Poshmark, eBay and other big sites. Doing this will only increase your exposure, which will help you to sell more items and gain an advantage over your competition. What’s more, all of your shops and listings will be managed from one tab in PrimeLister. So, from one page, you’ll be able to increase your exposure tenfold with minimal effort. PrimeLister even offers a free trial, so there’s no reason to not give it a go! In fact, it would be detrimental to your business to forgo a tool as excellent as PrimeLister.

I have always been advocating the most effective way to increase my sales is to re-list my items. The only problem was that I was getting tired of filling out the same information over and over as I keep re-listing my items. I hate having to switch back and forth between open tabs and copy-pasting descriptions to create copies of the same listing. I would like to thank a Posher friend who told me about PrimeLister. I started saving myself extra time whilst PrimeLister handles all the re-listing jobs.”

With a few clicks, you’ll expand your business more than you could ever imagine. So go on, give PrimeLister a try and re-list items easily across a number of platforms today.


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