Introducing Mercari & Mercari App

Getting Started May 17, 2020

Mercari is a selling app promising to make selling easier than buying. Being born in Japan, Mercari is attracting the attention of resellers and buyers from the United States. Let's analyze this platform that loved and used by millions to trade unused things and get familiar with the basics of Mercari from a reseller's perspective.

What is Mercari?

Mercari is a marketplace that can be a remarkable alternative to Poshmark, Tradesy, and LetGo. As a buyer, you can shop seamlessly from a wide product range growing by hundreds of thousands of new listings every day. If you ever consider reselling your possessions, Mercari turns into a huge source for your potential buyers. As a reseller, you can sell, ship, and earn extra cash over Mercari as a trustworthy platform to address millions of users.

Why is Mercari the right platform for a reseller?

It is as easy as duck soup to find success stories of real resellers from Mercari with a simple query on Google. There are two key points to write your own reselling success story; product and marketing. If you do your product homework well (such as quality product, accurate pricing, and plain descriptions), Mercari will produce excellent results in the marketing part. Here is how:

45M+ Downloads

Mercari App has reached over 45 Million downloads which means you will address a gigantic number of buyers by reselling on Mercari.

150K+ New Listed Items Every Day

Total number of new listed items every day on Mercari has passed 150 thousand which means you will take your place in a quite vibrant marketplace that will provide you enough exposure to sell quickly.

Delightful Users

The user ratings of Mercari App are very high both on AppStore (4.8) and Google Play(4.5) which means the users will stay for long and you can invest your time to build a qualified seller profile on Mercari with your mind at peace.

Are You Ready to Start Selling on Mercari?

No matter if you are an experienced reseller or new to reselling, you can get your own Mercari account for free and address more people who can be in a search for the items in your inventory. If you are a reseller on similar platforms, you can find tools online to import your listings to Mercari automatically, which will save you a lot of time when you are getting started.

Bonus: Manage Your Listings Professionally

To be a perfect reseller, it is necessary to give enough attention to your listings. Your listings should be polished and include informational content for buyers, such as a relevant title, good looking product pictures, specific product description. Additionally, for your listings to stand out you need to keep them up-to-date and posted newly. If you ever get tired of managing your listings on a regular base, give PrimeLister a try, it can significantly reduce the time you spend for organizing your listings.

PrimeLister helps many Mercari Resellers with managing their listings professionally with many eye-catching features of their Chrome Extension, such as re-listing, bulk updating, and duplicating. You can also automate your listing management workflow with built-in auto-posting features of PrimeLister.

Start Using PrimeLister Today

Try PrimeLister for free. No credit card is required. Use this link to get your free account.

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