Best Poshmark Bots of 2023: The Ultimate Guide

Jun 13, 2022

What are Poshmark Bots? Types of bots and what they do, why should I use a Poshmark Bot? An in-depth review of the 10 most popular Poshmark bots on the market.

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What is Poshmark Bot?

Poshmark bot is a necessary tool for your business that provides you many advantages for your business.

Why is a Poshmark bot so powerful? In a few words, because it frees you up to grow your business.
Plus, it helps you save your valuable time. You need a lot of time to do everything yourself and your time is limited.

There are a number of other benefits to automating Poshmark tasks:

  • You will have time to dedicate to other things in your life.
  • Having a system in place will enable you to bring on new sellers quicker and limit mistakes.
  • It will give you more time to respond to customer concerns and inquiries.

You can find many Poshmark Bots that are serving. You can understand and use some bots in 30 seconds. Some bots, on the other hand, may require hours to understand how to use them.

Most of the Poshmark bots you can find on the market work as chrome extensions. You need to install some bots directly on your computer, others can be used by sharing e-mail and password without installing any software, but we never recommend this because it is not safe.

We have prepared a separate section on what to consider before deciding to use a Poshmark Bot. We will explain this in detail later in the article.

Why do people use Poshmark Bots?

If you think big about your business and want to run this business in the most efficient way, using Poshmark Bot is not an option, but a must. Poshmark Bot helps you increase your sales and use your time efficiently. If you ‘re not using them, you’re missing out on a massive cash opportunity.

1- Save Time

The most important cost for resellers is time. Do you want to spend your time at your computer and do boring tasks all day instead of buying new products, dealing with your customers, making new deals?

2- Increase Engagement

Get your closet displayed in the right place at the right time on Poshmark's ever-changing feed. Poshmark makes your products more visible by showing the products that receive more interaction in other poshers' feeds. To explain more clearly; The more comments, likes, views, shares, and followers a product gets, the more likely it will be sold.

3- Drive Sales

Poshmark Bot contributes it will help your listings to rank higher. The more activity & engagement your Poshmark Bot contributes, the more active your account is on Poshmark, and the more interactions you’ll get with both current and potential buyers. You can set up many Poshmark Bots to post at the right time (like parties) and you will see the direct impact of this on sales.

Technology has developed very rapidly and automation has given time and opportunity for people to work more efficiently and effectively. Basic tasks can be automated so that employers can utilize their time in more creative ways. Using automation on Poshmark is also a great use case for this.

What to look for in a Poshmark bot

There are a lot of Poshmark Bot alternatives out there. Many Poshmark Bots creators don't even have a company. Most of them are software develop by teams of 1-2 people. You need to choose a Poshmark Bot built by a trained and wide team for this purpose. Here are the key points to take into consideration when making your choice;

1- CAPTCHA alarm; Many websites like Poshmark use CAPTCHAs to make their site safer for users. Use or not use bots in Poshmark when you do the same operations very quickly and continuously, Poshmark will show CAPTCHAs and ask you to solve it. When Poshmark shows you CAPTCHAs, many bots will alert and ask you to resolve it. This is a very critical and important feature for users using Poshmark bots.

2- Mobile-app compatibility; Many Poshers sell through their mobile apps. Most of them don't even have a computer. Most Poshmark bots you can find on the market are a chrome extension. So you cannot use it from your phone, it has no support. Based on my 10 years of software development experience, I can say that if you do not use automation running on the real website, you will either be banned or this will not be a long-term solution. My advice is to always use chrome extension that works on the real website. You need to enter your password for cloud-based software that you download to the desktop. This is not safe and probably you will be banned.

3- Smart algorithms; Before using many Poshmark bots you need to set up a lot of settings. Instead of spending your already limited time learning how to use these bots, you should use a bot that is easy enough to operate with one click. Get a smart enough bot to imitate human actions by default, so you can enjoy more free time, and Poshmark will never flag the operation of the bot.

4- Performing different tasks at the same time; Some bots can only make one task at the same time. After one task is finished, you have to wait on the computer to start another. If you will do everything manually, why are you using a bot? You should use a Poshmark bot that can do multiple tasks at the same time.

5- Good customer service; One of the most important points you should consider before purchasing a Poshmark Bot is customer support. Many developers of Poshmark Bots don't even have a company. Most of them are software created by teams of 1-2 individuals. It can take them a week to answer a basic question sometimes. You need someone who will listen to you, listen to the suggestions that enable to improve the bot, and talk to you. Only 1-2 of the Poshmark Bots serving have fast and high quality customer service.

6- Data analytics; The purpose of using bots is to do boring and repetitive work for you. While Poshmark Bot is working for you, you need to see details such as how many shares, follows, likes, sales the bot performs at the end of the day since you are not sitting at the computer. These metrics will help you tweak your Poshmark business to be as efficient as possible.

7- Other reseller services; Many Poshmark Bots only provide share and follow features. Some software development companies also provide features such as relisting and cross-listing as well as share and follow features on Poshmark. This means you can solve all your needs with one company.

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What is the best Poshmark bot in 2023?

Considering all informations, we examined and compared all Poshmark bots available on the market one by one. Let's dig in;

Closet Assistant

The creators of Closet Assistant are a husband-and-wife team who have been Poshmark vendors since 2011. The website indicates that Closet Assistant's major offering is closet sharing.

Feature List

  • Item Sharer: Allows the user to define sharing options like number of listings, speed, and order.
  • My Feed Sharer: Allows the sharing of things from the home feed, brand pages, and category pages.
  • Edit Sharer: Allows to easily to mimic a listing update.
  • Auto Follower: Allows to easily to follow all of a Poshmark user's followers or all of the users that user is following.
  • Feed Follower: Allows to easily to follow any user who appears on any page of Poshmark.
  • Activity Returner: Shares and followers from other Poshmark users that appear in the user's news feed are returned.
  • Activity Log: Displays all Closet Assistant action to the user.
  • Captcha Alert: Notifies the user that a CAPTCHA is present. Additionally, Closet Assistant pauses until the user completes the CAPTCHA.


Closet Assistant is a Chrome extension, thus users must own a computer and download the Chrome web browser in order to use it.

Closet Assistant is operable on mobile devices. However, users must download Google Remote Desktop, a free third-party application that enables mobile control of a computer. The PC must be powered on throughout this time. There may be complications if the laptop lid is closed.


Pro Plan: $24.99/ month

Closet Assistant provides a free 7-day trial period. After that, there are two further cost tiers for customers to select from. Based on the user's pricing tier, specific functionalities are made available.


Feature List

  • Share to Followers & Poshmark Part: Share your closet with one click. You can share your closet or specific items to your followers, Poshmark Feed, and Poshmark Party Feed. Sharing increases your exposure and chances of making a sale.
  • Share Inventory Continuously
  • Reversed Sharing (Keeps Order)
  • Schedule Tasks for Future
  • Relist Items from Scratch: Relist your closet with one click. You can relist your closet or specific items. Relisting helps your items appear in the search results and Posmark Feed more frequently by publishing a fresh copy of your list from scratch.
  • Relist Items by Updating Listing Price
  • Follow & Unfollow People: Follow or unfollow people with one click. You can expand or narrow your audience on Poshmark. Following other people draws more shoppers into your closet page and increases your sales with the help of word of mouth.
  • Send Bulk Offers: Send bulk offers with one click. You can send offers for your closet or specific items through an easy-to-use interface for managing your offer settings and filters. Sending bulk offers attracts your potential buyers and boosts the quick sales.
  • Bulk Price Update: Update the price of multiple listings at once with one click. You can update the prices of your closet or specific items through an easy-to-use interface for managing your price updating settings and filters. Updating the prices keeps listing prices up to date for various marketing strategies including seasonal campaigns.
  • Auto Send Offer to Likers: Send offers to likers automatically whenever somebody likes your items. You can activate the automation for sending offers to likers through an easy-to-use interface for managing your offer settings and filters. Sending offers automatically attracts potential buyers and increases the likelihood of a quick sale.
  • Automatic Activity Returner for Likes: Follow people back and share items back automatically whenever a new follower or share arrives. You can activate the automation for sharing back and following back through an easy-to-use interface for managing your automation settings. Auto reactions keeps the relationship with your followers warm.
  • Automatic Activity Returner for Shares
  • Closer Organizer: Organize your closet with one click. You can change the order in which your items are sorted on your closet page. Organizing closet keeps your inventory in oder and pins most interesting items to the top of your listings.
  • Auto Feed Liker
  • Custom & Random Sharing Speed
  • Automatic Captcha Solving: Solve captchas automatically. You do not need to intervene manually to solve the captchas on Poshmark. Poshmark Automation works continuously without interruption thanks to auto captcha solving.
  • Task Activity Monitor
  • Human Behavior: Enjoy the human-likeliness of Poshmark Automation. You do not need to be concerned while using Poshmark Automation. Poshmark Automation is designed to mimic the human behavior while performing all types of Poshmark activities ​and works with time intervals between each task.
  • 7/24 Customer Service: Get instant customer service with one click. The friendly customer success team at PrimeLister is ready to back you whenever you get question marks in your mind or technical support inquiries regarding the use of Poshmark Automation.
  • The Poshmark Automation Tool of PrimeLister supports all countries: 🇺🇸 🇨🇦 🇦🇺


PrimeLister provides a free 14-day trial for all products. You can start your free trial clicking by here.

Monthly Plan: $24.99 Per Month

Annual Plan: $19.99 Per Month When Paid Yearly

In summary, the best Poshmark Bot of 2023 that we recommend to you is PrimeLister.

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Are bots allowed on Poshmark?

No guide to Poshmark bots would be complete without addressing whether or not bots are permitted on the platform. Poshmark bots enable sellers to improve sales and expand their businesses, but they must do so in an ethical and responsible manner.

Let's begin by reviewing the Poshmark community guidelines.

Participating on Poshmark without using programs or other forms of automation is prohibited. This includes liking, sharing, following, and unfollowing, but is not limited to these actions.

Why is this being said? Poshmark, as a firm that cares about its customers, strives to maintain a platform where all sellers have an equal opportunity to expand their businesses. This is why recently shared ads show at the top of search results, regardless of the seller's closet size or number of followers. Even the smallest closets have a chance of being viewed by prospective buyers.

However, if automation is abused, many small firms would be overwhelmed by the vast amount of shares, following, offers, likes, and comments generated by bots. A hard-working human might share approximately 4,000 times per day, whereas a bot might share over 80,000 times per day if it shared once per second.

This is not what Poshmark desires. We also do not desire that. It is essential to enable everyone, regardless of the size of their closet or number of assistants, to expand their Poshmark business.

Now, let's examine a lot more benign situation. Consider a mother who has recently begun selling on Poshmark and wishes to expand her business. She enlists her daughter to help her share her closet so she has more time to source goods, write love letters to purchasers, and ship items.

Is that inappropriate? We don't believe so — we think it's wonderful that the mother and daughter are pursuing a goal that enriches both of their lives.

This example demonstrates an essential truth. The problem with Poshmark bots is not that a third party performs acts on behalf of a seller. The concern is that they may be abused to provide an unfair advantage, for as by distributing so frequently that it is impossible for a human to keep up.

Poshmark additionally encourages sellers to adhere to these limits by sending CAPTCHAs and placing excessively active accounts in "share jail." Poshmark retains the right to suspend or terminate account access for users it judges to be very suspicious. Determining a Poshmark bot that resembles human activity, does not exceed a credible amount of shares, and pauses at or solves all CAPTCHAs is crucial.

Poshmark is ultimately a platform that feeds on the interactions of its users. And automation is a potent tool that can streamline these interactions and save Poshmark sellers countless hours. We must exercise this authority appropriately.

Sell more on Poshmark, in half the time.

Are you looking at improving your business? Share your closet and increase your sales on Poshmark with the #1 Poshmark Bot and Sales Tool.

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