Poshmark Copy-Listing Feature - Is it handy for relisting your items?

Poshmark Oct 18, 2020

Copy-Listing Feature of Poshmark

We were all delighted when Poshmark introduced the "Copy-Listing" feature 4 months ago. With the "Copy-Listing" feature, we could re-list a product in 15 seconds or add a similar product. On places like Facebook and Instagram, I could see how happy everyone who works as a reseller is since this feature was released. Being discussed on different platforms, this feature has been adopted by large masses. The items we re-listed were sorted with higher ranks on Poshmark and thus we able to increase our sales.

Re-relisting your items on Poshmark with the Copy-Listing Feature

One month back Poshmark announced an item that is re-listed with the "Copy-listing" feature will not be listed with a higher place any more. It became unreasonable to use the "copy-listing" feature after this decision of Poshmark. Why would I list my products on Poshmark if people will not see my listings when they make a search on the platform? For the very reason, all resellers who prefer to re-list their stale items started using the "add new listing" feature instead of the "copy-listing" one to increase the visibility of their listings and their sales. Only, it was not easy to do this as before.

You are supposed to enter all product details like product images and descriptions one by one when you add a new listing. This process could be very time-consuming. It does not make much sense to spend time on this job in case you do not have a virtual assistant that does this for you.

Here it is PrimeLister that solves this problem.

How to Re-list Your Items on Poshmark Properly with PrimeLister?

You only select a listing upon your preference and PrimeLister re-post the listing using the "add a new listing" logic and helps your items get sorted on the top and get more visibility. PrimeLister does not use the Copy-listing feature of Poshmark, so your listings will always be sorted at the top after re-listed. You can spare your time to grow your business and increase your sales on Poshmark while PrimeLister re-lists your listings on behalf of you.

Are You Ready To Increase Your Sales on Poshmark?

Well, if you are interested in increasing your sales on Poshmark and looking for a useful tool to help you in your reselling business mind these:

  • PrimeLister is completely free to try.
  • PrimeLister does not ask for your credit card info.
  • PrimeLister keeps your reseller account safe.

👉 Try PrimeLister yourself for free!

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