Poshmark Cross-listing - 2023 Tutorial

Cross-listing Sep 11, 2021
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Cross-listing is one of the most important tools for the success of any Poshmark Reseller. But what is it? Why is it so important? How do you cross-list? And is there a way to make cross-listing a quicker and less painful journey than it seems to be?

Let’s take a look at the answers to these questions and analyse the path to success you have been looking for as a reseller.

What is Cross-Listing?

Cross-listing is the action of listing your items to sell on many different selling platforms at the same time.

For example: Instead of simply selling (“listing”) a set of items on Poshmark you sell the same set of items on Mercari, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace and also eBay. This is called cross-listing.

Why do it?

Cross Listing Pros and Cons


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Cross Listing is the art of selling your product on multiple platforms.

While Cross Listing is a lot of work, it is also very valuable to increasing your exposure and sales. It ensures that your items have much more exposure than they would get on a single selling platform. More people seeing your item increases the chance of a sale, especially considering how most people have one or two platforms they exclusively shop on.

Benefits of cross-listing include:

  • Something that may not be selling well on Poshmark may sell better on Mercari and vice versa.
  • Increased exposure leads to increased sales.
  • In general, your products will sell faster if you are cross-listing.
  • Cross-Listing helped save a month of sales according to one Reddit User:
“Cross listing is worth it. For me I have most of my stuff on Posh and my sales this month went from 5 a week to nothing… Had I not cross-listed it April would have been a disaster.”

Negatives of cross-listing Include:

  • You have to manage your inventory across multiple platforms which can be time consuming
  • Forgetting to de-list an item that is sold elsewhere can lead to problems.
  • It takes a long time to organize your inventory across multiple platforms, especially if your inventory is in the 100s.

All You Need to Know About “Poshmarking”

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Poshmark has many great selling attributes which include the ability to sell bundles! These bundles allow you to offer %off sales that make buyers really see a bargain!

There is a lot to do to keep your reselling business from going stale.

You need to ensure that you are performing all the daily tasks (likes, shares, follows, social interaction, offers) while managing inventory, making sales, changing prices, and finding new stock.

Here are some Poshmark tips to help you along:

Do you need a Poshmark Virtual Assistant?

  • While there is nothing wrong with the idea of a VA to help you get through the grind of daily tasks, it does have its downsides. You never know for sure if they are going to put in 100% effort and do the job required. Most VAs are good, but it only takes one bad experience to make you feel like you have to be doing it all yourself. But there are other options. Bots, otherwise known as automation assistants. In fact, the automation assistant by PrimeLister will effectively perform all those daily tasks, and more, taking your worry completely away and putting control in your hands. Check it out here.

Should I be selling on multiple platforms?

  • Absolutely yes. Poshmark cross-listing is vital to the survival of your reselling business. Not only does this give your products more exposure, more shares, more likes, more chances to be seen by that one person who really wants it - it leads to selling faster on Poshmark. As your reputation builds and people begin to trust you and your products, sales become far more likely and frequent.

As a Poshmark seller you may have considered cross-listing before; the differences in each platform can confuse a person, especially when managing a large inventory. Here we will help you to understand the ins and outs of cross-listing on Poshmark, so you can make your business run more efficiently.

Manual Cross-Listing

There are two main ways of cross-listing.

  1. Manually.
  2. Through cross-listing software.

We will start by taking you through the manual process for each main selling platform, then we will look at a piece of leading cross-lister sSoftware that automates this entire process in a few easy steps.

How to cross-list from Poshmark to Mercari.

Mercari the 'selling app' – Japan's first unicorn taking e-commerce by  storm - Digital Innovation and Transformation
  1. Go to the first item on Poshmark you want to cross-list.
  2. Open Mercari and Log in / Sign Up.
  3. Click on the Orange Sell Now button
  4. Upload your chosen pictures.
  5. You may need to make your title shorter, check it.
  6. Copy and Paste your description.
  7. Mercari has automatically filled some boxes. Fill in the blanks and check to make sure the others are right.
  8. Set price.
  9. Decide on shipping terms.
  10. Click the orange button at the bottom. List.
  11. Repeat for all items you want to cross-list on Mercari.

How to Cross-List from Poshmark to Etsy

  1. Go to the first item on Poshmark you want to cross-list.
  2. Open Etsy and Log in / Sign Up.
  3. Click on the Grey Button Add a Listing.
  4. Add Photos.
  5. Add your title, you have the space to make it longer if you wish.
  6. It’s recommended at this point to set your automatic renewal to “manual” for reselling items.
  7. Fill in all other boxes.
  8. Set Price.
  9. Decide on shipping terms.
  10. Click the black button at the bottom. Publish.
  11. Repeat for all items you want to Cross-List on Etsy.

How to Cross-List from Poshmark to eBay

Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles & More | eBay
  1. Go to the first item on Poshmark you want to cross-List.
  2. Open eBay and Log In / Sign Up.
  3. Click on the Blue button, Start Listing.
  4. Add title.
  5. Copy and paste description.
  6. Fill in blanks.
  7. Find the photos section near the bottom, add photos.
  8. Set Price.
  9. Decide on shipping terms.
  10. Click on the blue button at the bottom. List Item.
  11. Repeat for all items you want to cross-List on eBay.

How to Cross-List from Poshmark to Facebook

Facebook Marketplace
  1. Go to the first item on Poshmark you want to cross-list.
  2. Open your Facebook account and navigate to the Marketplace. (The little store button along the top banner)
  3. Along the left side panel click on the option Create New Listing.
  4. You will have three options. Click on Item for Sale.
  5. Add your photos.
  6. Add your title.
  7. Fill in the boxes.
  8. Copy and Paste the description.
  9. Click the Blue button Next.
  10. Fill in the Shipping details.
  11. Click the Blue button Next.
  12. Decide where you want to list; public/groups.
  13. Click the Blue button. Publish.
  14. Repeat for all items you want to Cross-List on Facebook.

How to Cross-List from Poshmark to Depop

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  1. Go to the first item on Poshmark you want to Cross-List.
  2. Open your Depop account and Log In / Sign Up.
  3. On mobile: click the bottom camera button. On the desktop go to Sell in the  top right hand corner.
  4. Add Photos.
  5. Add Title.
  6. Copy and Paste your description.
  7. Fill in any other blanks.
  8. Decide on your Shipping price.
  9. Hit the Black button Post Listing.
  10. Repeat for all items you want to Cross-List on Depop.

PrimeLister: How to Cross-List all of the Above in a Few Easy Steps

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PrimeLister makes managing your inventory across platforms easy.
  1. Start by logging into one of your selling platforms and prepare your listings. If you already have a listing, skip to step 2.
    Poshmark Vs Mercari. Both are very good platforms with different strengths and weaknesses. It does not matter which platform you are using to start with. Primelister will easily manage your listings across both platforms!
  2. Install the PrimeLister extension. (TRY FOR FREE HERE)
  3. Importing products on Poshmark: To get started you will need to import your active listings. To do this select the listings you wish to import, click on the PrimeLister Actions button found on the left of the listing search bar, then choose import from the drop down. The system will now import the listings.
    This also works for any other platform you are working with that is supported by PrimeLister, including Mercari, Etsy, eBay and Facebook Marketplace.
  4. Now you have the items imported you need to cross-list, navigate to your PrimeLister inventory page.
  5. Click on the item you wish to cross-list, click on the action’s dropdown (top right-hand side) click cross-list, choose the platforms you wish to cross-list to and confirm.
  6. This will open new tabs as it works. DO NOT CLOSE THEM.
  7. Check each tab and its listing to see if any changes need to be made. All of your descriptions and titles will have been copied to each, saving you a crazy amount of time.
  8. Confirm each one and repeat with another.

There you have it! Cross-Listing, made easy and fast with PrimeLister.

👉 Try PrimeLister yourself for free!

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