Re-list Your Items and Increase Your Sales on Poshmark and Mercari

Mercari Nov 07, 2020

Mercari and Poshmark are two popular online marketplaces, with Poshmark catering to fashion lovers and Mercari catering to everyone else. Between them, the two venues are connecting millions of buyers and sellers. Competition is fierce, and sellers should use every strategy they can to gain an edge.

One increasingly popular strategy used on both of these platforms is re-listing. Let's look at re-listing and how it can give you the advantage you need to get more sales.

What is Re-Listing?

The term is self-evident, but we'll give you a quick rundown. Re-listing involves taking an item you have already posted and re-listing it. On Poshmark, you can duplicate an existing post, take the original one down, and have the re-list take its place.

Duplicate posts on Mercari are discouraged, but that shouldn't stop you from taking advantage of re-listing.

Why would you want to leave an existing post if you are duplicating a post on Poshmark?

There is a good reason why you would choose to leave the original over deleting it. Let's say you have quite a few likes on the original post, but it still didn't sell for whatever reason.

Maybe the pricing wasn't right, and you might be able to get it out the door by doing a price drop. If price drops aren't working, then a re-list might do the trick, but you should do whatever you think will work best.

Why Should You Re-List an Item on Poshmark or Mercari?

On Poshmark, the most obvious reason for re-listing is getting your item back into the "shop new listings" section and displaying higher in the search results. Newer listings are more likely to get more views, and the fresher it is, the better it will perform.

Mercari listings are pushed further down the page for every new item you add. If you want to keep your best products at the top, then you can delete and re-list to cycle it back to the top. Unfortunately, using this strategy means you are going to lose any likes the product has collected.

How Re-Listing Gets You More Exposure and More Sales on Mercari and Poshmark

If you look at the top of the Poshmark feed after first logging in, you will see a bar of photos. This bar is something to get excited about because it's new listings for a brand you have recently searched for.

Poshmark uses an algorithm to understand what its users like. Anything you have searched previously will feature in this photo bar. If anybody has searched for your brand, and they happen to be using the app when you re-list, it's your items they will see first.

You can't get much better than a front-page feature, and it's even better because the people who see the display have already shown an interest in your products. When all the planets align in this way, your listings will almost sell themselves.

It's exciting stuff, and it works, but we should be upfront and tell you - even though you will significantly increase your chance of a sale, nobody can guarantee that result for sure.

Mercari is more similar to eBay as it's not entirely fashion-focused and allows people to sell a wider variety of items, including electronics, household goods, and collectibles.

One strategy sellers use on Mercari to promote a sale is to drop the price until they can drop it no more. If it still doesn't sell, then re-listing is an option.

As you add more items, you push your other products further down the page. Re-listing helps to keep your best items at the top of the page and receiving more exposure.

Mercari also uses a chronological algorithm, which means older items are dropped to the bottom of the search page. You can have the most relevant title and description, but it doesn't matter; older listings will still become a victim of time eventually.

You have probably guessed where we are going with this, and you are right; newly listed items on Mercari get preference in search and will show up closer to the top of the results.

How Old is Too Old?

Are you asking how long a piece of string is? It's really up to you to monitor your business and keep track of everything. Only you can decide when a listing might be getting a bit long in the tooth. If you think something has probably been sitting for too long, then you are probably right.

How to Re-list on Poshmark and Mercari

Re-listing on both platforms is relatively simple, painless, and quick.

How to Re-list on Poshmark

Poshmark has a copy listing tool that lets sellers create a new listing from one they already have. To make a copy using the smartphone app, choose a listing, select the edit button and then scroll to the bottom of the page. Now select copy listing, click yes, and you're done.

Creating a copy is much the same on the web interface. Go to a listing, select the edit listing link, scroll to the bottom of the page, click copy listing, and confirm with yes.

Once a copy is complete, you will see all your listing details have been transferred over. The item is now ready to add to your closet.

How to Re-List on Mercari

Learning how to re-list on Mercari is just as simple but involves a few more steps because there's no easy way to copy.

Go to your My Listings page. If you are re-listing old listings, you will want to set your Sort By bar to Oldest First.

One trick you can use to avoid taking new pictures is to use the Mercari app on your phone to grab screenshots of your product and then upload it to your PC.

Select the listing you want to work with and right-click on the Sell Yours link to open it in a new tab. You want to do this because you will be copying and pasting from the old listing to the new listing.

The title will be carried over, but the description should be blank. That's okay because you can copy and paste your description from the current listing. Make sure all your other settings are still okay.

One thing you need to check is the shipping cost as Mercari will add a default price here. Modify this value to anything you need.

Add your photos. Go to the folder where you uploaded them, select all the files, and drag them over to the Photos section of your Mercari listing. Click on the list button, and your new listing will be complete. You don't want double listings, so click on the old listing edit button and delete it.

How to Re-List on Mercari and Poshmark Fast

As you can tell from above, re-listing a lot of items is a potential time sink. Poshmark and Mercari is missing an opportunity to make life easier for their sellers by not adding re-listing solutions to their platforms.

Regardless, when you have many items to re-list on either platform, it can be a real chore. There is an easier way.

PrimeLister is a tool set up to cater to busy Mercari and Poshmark sellers and save them time. Once you have completed the no-fuss sign-up process and installed the Chrome extension, your new listings on Poshmark and Mercari will be over and done within a single click.

That's not all PrimeLister can do because you can also select multiple listings in bulk and duplicate them, which is a huge timesaver when you have a bunch of similar items to sell.

You can also schedule your postings at a time and date that you select. If you know your demographic well enough to know when they are at their busiest on either of the platforms, this one feature alone will help you get more sales.

PrimeLister is free to get started, so you can discover how to relist stale items to increase sales on Poshmark and Mercari without risk. Find out how much more convenient selling on Mercari and Poshmark can be by visiting PrimeLister today.

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