Relisting your items on Poshmark and Mercari

Relisting Oct 26, 2020

What is re-listing?

Relisting is a new trend that is common on Mercari and Poshmark. It involves the process of finding an older listing in your profile that has dropped in rankings, duplicating the listing, deleting the old listing, and posting the new one. Under this process, your post will not be flagged for a duplicate piece of content, and you will be able to keep your post at the top of category listings for the date of the post.

Why relist an item/listing on Poshmark and Mercari

Re-listing gives you the perfect marketing strategy for your listings on Poshmark or Mercari. You can list items until they sell or until they gather enough likes so that you can price drop them to sell. Re-listing is a strategy that is very common especially amongst the largest sellers on the platform.

Poshmark and Mercari sort photos from searches based on the date of the post. This means that when a person does a search for a specific brand or style of fashion, the newest posts will appear first. The platforms both set up a feed of content based on items that are related to the search that were posted in a recent fashion. Poshmark and Mercari will also set up a home feed on products that you have previously searched and based on your browsing history. The order that these posts go in is also determined by the order in which these posts were added to the system. Relisting your listings regularly will have your content appearing at the top of every user's feed.

Re-listing is also a process that often involves looking at the analytics of your posts and determining how you can gain more views and more traction on posts you would really like to sell.

A study of your analytics will tell you more about post structures and language that will work well to attract an audience, by keeping your items on top for a longer period of time, you also have the greatest chance to attract the maximum number of viewers for your content.

Analytics and front-page placement are a sure way to sell on Poshmark or Mercari, but the problem you may face is that Re-listing all your old listings can be extremely time-consuming. For many users, this can be a worthy project with the number of sales that they can make with re-listed items.

Luckily, if you are considering the relisting process, there are some tools that you can use to relist your content on each platform. Before we cover one of the tools that are easiest to use, we want to help you understand how you can take on this process with a few listings in a manual format:

How to relist on Poshmark and Mercari Manually

The simplest way to relist on Mercari and Poshmark comes down to using the copy listing selection. Start by locating the listing or group of listings that you would like to relist. Go to the edit page for the listing that you would like to relist, scroll down the edit page to the bottom of the page without making changes to the listing, and then select copy listing.

After you have selected the copy listing button, open a new tab of your Poshmark or Mercari listings in the dropdown menu. As you finalize the new copied listing, wait to click the post button on your newest listing.

Return to the second tab of the original listing and delete it from the listings and then repost your new listing with the updated information. Your new listing will not be flagged for copied content and you will be able to have a top listing spot without any problems.

When you try to make the post with the same ad up, your photos or other elements of the ad could be flagged as duplicates which can lead to the chance that your content will be taken down or penalized in its listings.

Always make sure that you are deleting old content before you post any of the new content on the platform.

How to re-list on Poshmark and Mercari using PrimeLister

PrimeLister is one of the easiest tools for relisting your listings up on Mercari or Poshmark. Rather than having to go in and delete your old listing or quickly delete the content before you post new content, you can make sure that there are easy solutions to relisting that can be done without the need for manual posts.

With the trial for PrimeLister, you can sign up in a few minutes and get started for free.

After you are signed up, you can install the chrome extension in one click and then set up the extension to work with your Poshmark or Mercari account.

You can set posts to automatically relist after a certain period of time or with the click of just one button, hover over a post, and re-list without the chance of post duplication. You will have the quick option to edit posts and change your content as it is required.

With the help of the time-saving solutions from PrimeLister, you can have your entire inventory relisted in minutes!

When to relist an item on Poshmark

If you have listings that have no likes:

If there are listings in your profile that have not captured any likes, it could be time to make edits and relist them. Take some different photos, use some different text in the ad, and try to sell these items in a different way.

3 month+ old listings

If you have an ad that has been up over 3 months, this can be a sign that it needs relisting. Switching the title and photos and relisting can often be a great way to get your items back up on top and in the view of consumers.

Getting ready for new seasons

If you have items that you listed out of season, make sure that they are on the top of listings as the season turns over. If you have items that are perfect for the summer season or the winter season, you can be prepared with a fresh relist just when people are searching for these items in their feed.

Relist stale items on Poshmark and Mercari in a flash with this free trial

If you have older items that you have been avoiding relisting on your Poshmark or Mercari accounts, you can quickly relist them with the help of our tools today. Rather than sitting on loads of old listings, you can relist your content to the top of the marketplace. With PrimeLister you could relist your best items in a few minutes with the help of our free trial.

On PrimeLister, you can have access to a wide inventory of listings and the option to set listings to automatically relist after a certain amount of time. The tool can help you relist on Mercari and Poshmark with ease and offer a simple solution for top-end listings that can convert more buyers. Don’t let your inventory sit in the marketplace, get it listed, and get it sold.

Contact us if you have any questions about the PrimeLister and if you would like to know more about how it could assist you.

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