The 2023 eBay Cross-listing How-To Guide

Cross-listing Oct 08, 2021
eBay is a platform that reaches millions of people making billions of dollars worth of sales every year.

Cross-listing means listing the same products across multiple platforms: For example, listing a watch you are selling on both Etsy and eBay. Cross-listing will help you sell your items on eBay or any other platform faster, keep you selling your items with more consistency and gain you wider reach as your listings gain more exposure.

Allow me to explain. Say you are selling on a platform other than eBay: then you are gaining exposure to a body of people who prefer that platform - such as Mercari or Poshmark. If you cross-list these items to eBay, you are doubling your exposure to reach a whole other target market: those who prefer eBay. Cross-list again to a third platform such as Etsy and your chance of making a sale has tripled.

Of course, such a route has its problems. If you sell an item on one platform you have to remember to take the listing down on the other platforms before someone else tries to buy what you no longer have. Thankfully, software like PrimeLister, the cross-listing tool for eBay, can take all the stress out of cross-listing.

As you read on you will discover how to answer the following dilemmas:

  • How do you sell on eBay as a total beginner?
  • How do you cross-list to and from eBay effectively, increasing your sales?

The Number 1 Top Tip to Selling on eBay (That People often Forget)

eBay cross-listing is a great way to make more sales, but without the right type of effort you may not make any sales. You can spend hours checking your sales and looking at your offers, this will lead to frustration and wasted time. The experts at PrimeLister have many eBay selling tips to help you learn how to sell a lot on eBay – it’s literally our job to increase your sales! Here are some tips from the team:

  • Before selling an item on eBay, look it up on the platform. But don’t just check out the items currently for sale, check out how many have sold. Scroll down to the sold button. Check out how many have sold vs how many have been listed.
  • Look at how others have crafted their titles. eBay gives you more characters than other platforms, allowing you to add more details. Don’t just use the same title across all platforms but rather optimize your titles for search, including keywords in them that people would use to search for your items.
  • Use the “Sell one like this” option. If you find the same item on eBay and click this button it saves time as it fills in a lot of the details for you, you will even see how others price it. It is an item specific time saver.
  • Refresh your listings. Take a bulk of your listings, end them and manually relist them, when they have been listed for a while. Actively managing your listings in this way keeps things fresh, allows for you to make changes if needed, and will put them higher in the eBay search.
  • Weigh your items. This is a handy tip that is especially useful for eBay beginners. While platforms like Poshmark offer a postal service for weight ranges, eBay has a way of posting an item on the exact weight and measurement. This can save you money in the long run.

But the number 1 top tip for selling on eBay is to not turn on the best offer feature. Show confidence in your prices. BUT, when you do this be sure to send out offers on items that have been up for too long or you feel are getting stale. For some eBay resellers, this accounts for nearly 15% of their sales making it well worth the time.

Is it Worth Selling on eBay?

With 187 Million users worldwide, eBay is a platform that will increase your selling exposure massively. If just 1% of those users discover your sales, then you have 1.87 million potential customers!

With many tools to assist you, the availability of bulk editing on eBay, the ability to cross-list to eBay amongst many more features and tools… Yes. It’s worth selling on eBay. It is true that you will have masses of competition. However, good titles, clear and accurate descriptions, high quality photos, and the work you put in to sell the right thing at the right time will make you stand out from the crowd. Cross-listing with an eBay tool like PrimeLister is just one way to achieve this “right item, right time” success.

Useful eBay Tools You Should be Using

Doing your research on what is selling on eBay improves your chances of making those sales.

The Best-Selling Items page. This can be used as a tool to discern what is selling well right now on eBay! You can optimize the items you are trying to sell by regularly checking out this page and adapting your listings to trends!

Free Shipping. If this feature is not used carefully, it could end up costing you. However, free shipping is an attractive feature for a buyer and, used right, this will increase your sales, your exposure, and your profit.

Promoted Listings. For a little extra cash, you can increase your exposure through a promoted listing. It boosts your sales and also your visibility. More people have a chance to get to know you and potentially become a repeat customer. Paid promotion on eBay can also be more effective than digital advertising on social media, as people on eBay are already looking to buy.

Sell one like this. If you have an item that is the same as for sale on eBay, hitting this button will save you time with all the little details (brand name, pattern, material etc.)

How To Manually Cross-list to (and from) eBay

Take advantage of the eBay selling protection when you sell with them.

When Cross-listing to eBay, here is how you do so manually.

  1. Go to the first item on your platforms that you want to cross-List.
  2. Open eBay and Log In / Sign Up.
  3. Click on the Blue button, Start Listing.
  4. Add title.
  5. Copy and paste description.
  6. Fill in blanks.
  7. Add your photos near the bottom of the page.
  8. Set price.
  9. Decide on Postage Terms. Weigh the item if necessary.
  10. Click on the Blue button at the bottom. List Item.
  11. Repeat for all items you want to Cross-list on eBay.

When cross-listing from eBay, you will find differences depending on the platform. Here are a few common platforms that it is possible to cross-list to from eBay.

Cross-listing from eBay to Mercari

  1. Go to the first item on eBay you want to cross-List.
  2. Open Mercari and Log in / Sign Up.
  3. Click on the Orange Sell Now button
  4. Upload your chosen pictures.
  5. Check if it’s worth shortening your title to fit Mercari.
  6. Copy and Paste your description.
  7. Mercari has automatically filled some boxes. Fill in the blanks and check to make sure the others are right.
  8. Set price.
  9. Decide on postage terms.
  10. Click the Orange button at the bottom. List.
  11. Repeat for all items you want to Cross-list on Mercari.

Cross-listing from eBay to Poshmark

  1. Go to the first item on eBay that you want to Cross-list.
  2. Open Poshmark and sign in or sign up.
  3. Click on the Sell button.
  4. Upload your photos (up to 16).
  5. Optimize your title for the website.
  6. Copy and paste your description.
  7. Fill in the blanks.
  8. Tap Next.
  9. Share.
  10. List.
  11. Repeat for all items you wish to cross-list on Poshmark.

Primelister. The Cross-listing Tool for eBay

The PrimeLister tool allows you to cross-list across multiple platforms, increasing your exposure several times over!

All of the above, and more, can be made really simple with the Primlelister software. Here’s how.

First of all, to cross-list between all of your connected platforms, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Install the PrimeLister extension. (TRY FOR FREE HERE)
  2. In order to make your listing you have to go to one of your platforms and make your “original” listings. So to cross-list from eBay, head to eBay and make your listings that you will later copy to other platforms . If you already have a listing, skip to step 3.
  3. To get started you will need to import your product list. To do this select the listings you wish to import, or use the bulk select option by clicking the checkbox at the top of your eBay list, click on the PrimeLister Actions button found on the left of the listing search bar, then choose import from the drop down menu. The system will now import the listings.
  4. Now you have the items imported you need to cross list, navigate to your PrimeLister inventory page.
  5. Click on the item you wish to cross-list, click on the action’s dropdown and click cross-list; choose the platforms you wish to cross-list to and confirm.
  6. The platforms of choice are Mercari, Poshmark (Us, CA, AUS), Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, Depop and Instagram.
  7. This will open new tabs as it works. DO NOT CLOSE THEM.
  8. Check each tab and its listing to see if any changes need to be made. All of your descriptions and titles will have been copied to each saving you lots of time.
  9. Confirm each one and repeat with another.

Now you have cross listed the same items across multiple platforms without any manual work, all with a simple eBay automation tool: PrimeLister! This can also be done to cross-list to eBay from any other of the supported platforms.

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