The Most Useful Poshmark Bot in 2023

Poshmark Assistant Jul 11, 2021

Being a Poshmark Reseller is a stressful, time consuming job. Wouldn’t it be nice to find the perfect Bot that can help?

We live in a world where time is of the essence. There are more demands on our time now than ever before! We have so much to do; take care of our families, cook food, wash laundry, clean the house, work for hours on end, and finish that book we bought 15 and a half months ago but haven’t started yet.

For Poshmark Resellers, the work can seem never ending. They have so much to do! One look at a Poshmark tips page will tell you to spend hours a day liking, following, sharing, organizing your closet, relisting, checking prices, updating prices, discounting prices, making offers, buying more stock to sell. The list just keeps getting bigger.

We are here to help you save time at your Poshmark workstation, so you can focus on more important things.

How?Through using the right Poshmark Bot for your store in 2021.

What is a Bot?

Bots are like Poshmark personal assistants. They lend a helping hand.

Poshmark Bots were created with the purpose of helping Poshmark sellers with time-consuming tasks. View one as your personal Poshmark Assistant, they are there to take the weight of all the small tasks off your shoulders, so you can concentrate on the bigger things. A Bot may help you with:

●   Sharing items

●   Sharing your closet

●   Following / unfollowing

●   Likes

This may sound like pretty basic stuff, but it is both essential and time-consuming for a successful Poshmark business. Every like, follow and share broadcasts you, your store, your items. If you are not doing these things your chances of making those sales go drastically down.


It takes So. Much. Time.

A good bot for Poshmark will help you to automate the process of managing your store & inventory.

What We Mean by Automation.

Bots can get you noticed, help you interact with Poshers and keep your connections active to build a strong brand. They can also get your closet displayed in the right place on Poshmark’s ever changing feed by helping you get on the right side of the algorithm. They do all this to drive sales while saving you time so you can sell faster on Poshmark. For example, you can set a bot to Like items at 2 likes every 5 seconds. Then you can go away and concentrate on making offers to people who have liked your items while your bot gives likes for you. How much time have you saved?

How much time do you spend liking, following, or sharing your items?

By automation, we simply mean having a professional bot help you through your daily tasks at the click of a button.

Keep reading to learn how to automate Poshmark yourself.

Key Features of the PrimeLister Poshmark Automation

The PrimeLister Poshmark Automation tool has everything you need to take hours off the daily grind of a Poshmark Reseller.

PrimeLister is the place to go for easily organizing all of your online stores. With a few clicks, you can relist as many items as you want, maintain control over everything you sell in one handy place, streamline your work process to save yourself hours of time and much more.

What’s even better is the Poshmark automation software that PrimeLister hosts. This Bot has been proven to increase sales for many Poshmark Resellers, making it a better, more extensive, and useful alternative to ClosetPilot. Here’s why.


If you are trying to sell on Poshmark, you need to be sharing your closet at least once a day. If you have many items in your closet, this can be monotonous and take forever, with slow results to show for it. This is where the Poshmark Sharing Bot comes in. The Poshmark Share Bot can share your entire closet with all of your followers in just a few seconds, as often as you want it to.

Why is this beneficial?

The items you have for sale will gain more exposure. More exposure means more sales and that is what you want.

But that’s not all you get, if people sort by “recently shared” your items will be high on that list. Using the bot means this can be done in seconds instead of minutes to hours.

How to Share

If you don’t want to share the whole closet, simply click the check boxes on the items you want to share, go to PrimeLister Actions, hit the share button. Simple.

Do you need a Poshmark Share Script to share your items?

No. PrimeLister takes away any need for a share script. All you need to do is follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to your closet page
  2. Open PrimeLister Extension
  3. Click Auto Share tab
  4. Share to Followers or Party


An essential job when working with Poshmark is to look at other items people have for sale and Like them. Not only does this take a long time to do, you run the risk of getting distracted while you see what everyone else is selling. Problem? You have your own work to do, and time is short.

Poshmark automation can like as many listings as you want without you needing to trail through pages of products deciding what to like.

Why is this beneficial?

You are seen as active in the Poshmark community. Sellers will appreciate the Like and may even check you out. (Not everyone will but that is the nature of a social platform. If 1 in 10 likes result in someone visiting your page and liking something that’s a win.)

For every person who is interested in who liked their product you have the chance for; a sale, a follow, a like, a share. All of these things boost your exposure.

How to Like

The Auto Like Feeder Feature can save you hours of your time!

The auto-feed liker will like all the listings on your feed. That could be 1000s of listings. Think of all the time you will save with this Poshmark Bot.

Like everything else with this Bot, it is really simple to set up. Simply:

  1. Go to your Poshmark Feed.
  2. Open the PrimeLister Extension.
  3. Click Auto Share tab.Click Start feed auto liker.


It is easy to follow users with the Poshmark Follow Bot.

Following other users means that users will see the follow and have an opportunity to follow you back and look at your closet and the things you have for sale. Plus, your items will now show up in their “followed” feed if they do follow you back. In a community like Poshmark, the chances of being followed back are high, as it is a community-based app.

Why is this beneficial?

People will not only follow you; they may share your closet. If they have 200k followers your chance of a sale rises drastically.

The best chance for a sale is to get more eyes on your items. Following more people will get more eyes on your items.

How to Follow

PrimeLister makes automated following as simple as 1,2,3.

Following using the PrimeLister Bot couldn’t be easier.

  1. Go to the follower or followed page of any Poshmark user.
  2. Open the PrimeLister Extension.
  3. Click on the Auto Share tab.Click Follow/Unfollow People.


Because PrimeLister works from your Browser it does not matter what operating system you use.

Does this Poshmark Bot work with Mac or is it just Windows compatible?

We are familiar with the dilemma of finding software that does not have compatibility issues with Mac. So much of the market is tailored towards Windows that Mac often loses out on some of the greatest goods.

Do not worry.This is one of the great things that sets PrimeLister as one of the best Poshmark Bots. Because PrimeLister installs and runs from your browser it does not matter what platform you are running your computer from. So, if you need a Poshmark Bot for Mac look no further, we have got you covered.

The Road to Success

Start using the PrimeLister Poshmark Bot to make your journey along the road of success.

You have a few choices for Poshmark Bots in 2021 - we know, we’ve looked. But give Primelister a try and it will be hard to look back: it’s robust, comprehensive and easy to use. Hey, it’s even cheap!

But don’t take our word for it. Check out our reviews, and you will find many testimonies like this one from Bella, a Poshmark Ambassador:

I am a reseller on Poshmark, Mercari, and eBay, which means time is very important to me. I now complete all my time-consuming work in Poshmark with the Auto Share Bot in a few minutes and save huge time. Love this software!

The only question that remains is how to get started with the PrimeLister Bot yourself.


Once the free trial has ended, and you have been amazed at how easy your work was during that 7-day period, you will have the option to sign up to one of two subscription plans: Monthly or Annual. These packages offer everything we have talked about and more!

Packages include priority support, automatic Captcha solving, bulk offers, reversed sharing and more. Click here for more details.

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