Use Automatic Cross-Listing Software to Sell Faster on Etsy, Poshmark and Other Websites

Cross-listing Jun 26, 2021

If you are trying to grow your eCommerce business, the early days are tough. It involves a lot of manual work as you tediously write, edit, remove, re-list, and move around your listings and inventory. However, you may have also heard a lot about the benefits of automatic cross-listing. As the value of fast turnover becomes more apparent, blog posts have started to appear that focus on cross-listing on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Poshmark and Mercari as a tool to speed up your inventory management process. Tools like PrimeLister help you grow your sales on different marketplaces by centrally organizing your inventory management, so you can push to multiple platforms at the same time.

We were dissatisfied with the available options for crosslisting software so decided to build our own. Now you have the ability to manage inventory across platforms faster and with more power using PrimeLister. If you want to grow your business, then you'll want to start using PrimeLister and cross-listing to sell your items fast on Poshmark, Mercari, eBay, Etsy, and other ecommerce sites!

How to Sell Using PrimeLister and Cross-Listing

The simple process of cross-listing your items using PrimeLister has the potential to grow your business and promote your brand significantly. You can effortlessly manage all listings in a single location. PrimeLister lets you cross-list, re-list, and delist your listings through various marketplaces, all from one dashboard.

What is Cross-Listing and Why Do It?

With automatic cross-listing from PrimeLister, let us take your product listings from your site and relist them on other platforms. In other words, you save the trouble of having to copy, paste, and reformat every change to your inventory between platforms. Software like PrimeLister centralizes your inventory listings and makes the process of cross-listing easy. You can manage all your listings in one convenient place. The software is built to be super intuitive allowing you to quickly learn how to sell using PrimeLister fast!

Many people will tell you that you should not put all your eggs in a single basket when you are trying to sell things, and they would be right. Cross-listing is about diversifying your listings to reach more people on a multitude of platforms. You'll gain more sales, greater profit, and, best of all, maximum exposure. So if you’re wondering how to sell things using Poshmark, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Etsy or Mercari, PrimeLister software is an good place to get up and running quickly.

Cross-selling is not new. Any time you log onto an Amazon site, you will see items being offered for sale by many eCommerce sites using Amazon as the middleman to cross-sell their products. Even now serves as a massive cross-seller. Selling sites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, Poshmark and Mercari have skyrocketed in popularity as leading places to list your items for sale and as such, are platforms on which you can benefit from automatic crosslisting.

Benefits of Cross-Listing Using PrimeLister Software

Nowadays, it seems like there is an endless supply of reselling platforms, with Poshmark, Mercari, and eBay reigning as leaders for cross-listing locations. Learning how to sell on Poshmark using PrimeLister has never been easier. Check out our tutorial videos & guides, or simply start exploring the app! Get started for free with no credit card required, a 7-day free trial and the ability to cancel anytime.

Whether you pick Mercari, Poshmark, eBay or others the same principle applies to your listings: the faster you can manage them the faster you can sell.

Let's explore the benefits of cross-listing using PrimeLister.

Save Time

Honestly, if you are managing an eCommerce site and trying to sell many items by manually cross-listing on various platforms, it takes time. You must cut and paste, import/export, update, delist and relist, and the entire process becomes time-consuming, tedious, and exhausting. If you pay someone to perform the tasks, then you won’t come out ahead financially, and it often just isn’t worth it, especially if you are just getting started with any of the sites mentioned above including eBay, Poshmark and Mercari. However, learning to sell things using PrimeLister fast is relatively easy, cheap and has huge benefits. Use PrimeLister software to manage, organize, and cross-sell in one convenient place.

Extra Exposure Across a Multitude of Platforms

If you want to sell something, then you need to reach your audience. You want people who are seeking your products to see them! As you know, gaining Google recognition for an eCommerce site is not always easy. The market is inundated with current and new eCommerce sites, all vying for first place on a Google search.

Sadly, modern online shoppers are notoriously lazy. They will enter the keyword of the item they are shopping for and rarely leave the first page of search results before making a purchase. If your product isn't one of the lucky ones to be on that first page, then you will more than likely lose your sale to the competition. However, when you cross-list an item for sale, you automatically gain exposure on many platforms, which increases your likelihood of selling substantially.

If you want to sell your stuff fast using PrimeLister, then you need exposure. Let's face the facts: if you are trying to sell things, you need exposure to make a sale. Buyers have to be able to find your items. If you cross-list your items onto another platform, then you are reaching even more potential customers.

Cross-list onto another platform, and your exposure has doubled - cross-list onto a third platform and your exposure has tripled - and it just keeps building from there. It's like building a giant spider web of platforms that all lead to the stuff you are trying to sell. The exposure potential helps you sell your inventory faster on eBay, Etsy, Facebook, Poshmark and Mercari.

Greater Profits

This benefit of crosslisting software is not dissimilar to gained exposure. The more products you cross-list, the greater your exposure, the more buyers you reach, and the more money you make.  The process is simple and effective. Not everyone is on Poshmark, not everyone shops on Mercari, and not everyone has partnered with Amazon. However, buyers regularly shop in those areas for products and often do not venture out of their comfort zone when shopping. If you list on multiple platforms, you will catch the eye of the loyal shoppers on each site, and you will gain rapid exposure. Your items will sell, and you will make greater profits.

However a hidden gained advantage here is that crosslisting can help increase your profit margins by reducing the marketing dollars you spend across platforms. By listing your product across multiple platforms you are essentially working towards a discounted cost per conversion due to higher placement rates.

Use PrimeLister to Sell Fast on Poshmark and Mercari

As mentioned above, Etsy, Poshmark and Mercari are leaders when it comes to ecommerce sites to sell your inventory using cross-listing. However, standard cut and paste of each of your products for sale onto the sites take an excessive amount of time. Using PrimeLister software gives you the edge to learn how to sell things fast on sites like Poshmark and Mercari without missing a beat.

Maintaining Competitive Pricing

When cross-listing using PrimeLister, remember to keep your prices competitive. Shoppers are thrifty, and they have learned how to use a Google search to find more affordable options. You want to stand out but not be underpriced or overpriced. Instead, stay competitive.

Cross-Listing Helps Shoppers

If you care about your customers, you'll be happy to know those cross-listing items for sale help shoppers. Your customers want to find exactly what they are looking for fast and at an affordable price. When you cross-list items for sale, your business benefits from the added sales but your customers also get to find and buy the items they seek quickly, affordably, and effortlessly. It becomes a win/win situation for everyone.

Plus, once a shopper experiences the ease of doing business with your eCommerce site and falls in love with your products, they are more apt to become returning customers. You build a loyal customer base, drive traffic to your site, and experience fantastic eCommerce conversions, plus you get the exposure that can grow your brand. Everyone involved comes out ahead.

Learn How to Sell Faster on Etsy, eBay and Other Sites Using PrimeLister

Getting quickly started selling inventory using PrimeLister is very straightforward.

  • In a few clicks, import your listings into PrimeLister.
  • Organize your inventory using specific groups and tags.
  • Load your products to sell onto Etsy, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark or Mercari.
  • Drive sales using multiple marketplaces from various channels, so you experience more significant profits.
  • Control your listings and make any necessary changes to keep your inventory new, fresh, and exciting from a single platform (PrimeLister).
  • Organize, refresh, redo, change, update and publish all using PrimeLister (there is no reason to go to multiple sites to carry out various tasks).

Think about the perks of selling things using PrimeLister. You can sit down at your computer and quickly start to import your current product inventory listings into a single place. Once you have them all there, you can then begin the easy and straightforward process of cross-listing, relisting, and delisting all your items for sale onto various marketplaces effortlessly. The time saved with this process is substantial, and the perks are enormous.

PrimeLister Software and Cross Listing FAQ

Let's take a few minutes to examine the most frequently asked questions about PrimeLister and Cross Listing.

Where Do I Manage My Listings?

You can manage all your listings from a single platform. Whether you are trying to learn how to sell your clothes fast on Poshmark or some other sites, things just got more manageable when it comes to multitasking and managing!

The organization process with PrimeLister software is quick, intuitive and easy to understand. You'll keep your inventory neat with tags and groups. You can also use tags to search for specifics such as price, gender, shopping, and size. Not only that, but you can also group your listings into bulk or even a scheduled time.

Do I Have to Copy and Paste to Cross List Products?

No. You can cross post with a single click. There is no need ever to have to perform the tedious task of copy and pasting manually. All the fields for the new products you are listing will be auto-filled, and the images that accompany the listing automatically upload.

Can I Relist and Delist Using PrimeLister?

If you have been trying to cross-list items for sale using other platforms, you know the time involved in relisting and delisting. However, with PrimeLister, the process takes just a few clicks. You can quickly learn how to relist on eBay, Mercari, Poshmark and more using the PrimeLister software.

Any time you relist your cross-listed product, then the listing is automatically refreshed and renewed, which puts you ahead of the competition and is a great way to stay at the forefront of selling. When you delist, your listings become synced because the item has been sold. In addition, you can even relist and delist in bulk!

Can I Pre-Select Listing Times?

Yes, you can schedule when you list your products. You can schedule all things such as cross posting, relisting, and delisting, so it's all handled automatically at the time that you pre-select.

Can I List My Products on Poshmark or Mercari?

Yep! You can sell your stuff on Poshmark or Mercari as well as Etsy, eBay and Facebook Marketplace, using PrimeLister to get your listings on popular sites. Increase your sales with PrimeLister!

Whether you are trying to learn how to make money on Mercari, manage inventory on eBay or sell your stuff fast on Poshmark, using the PrimeLister software is your ticket to effortless cross-listing on a multitude of platforms!

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