Why You Need to be Cross-Listing with Mercari in 2023

Mercari Sep 11, 2021
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While not yet as popular as Poshmark, Mercari is becoming a leading platform for resellers.

Cross-listing is one of the tedious jobs that Mercari sellers know they need to undertake, but still avoid. But why should we be cross-listing? How does cross-listing affect our sales and the rate of our sales? How can we get the most out of Mercari? And is cross-listing the best way to boost our Mercari sales?

By looking at how to cross-list Mercari with Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Etsy and other sites, we can see how cross-Listing software comes as a real benefit to our sales, simplifying many steps and many hours into a few and increasing our sales.

What is Mercari?

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Mercari is available on desktop or through an app so you can work in your own preferred style.

Mercari is an online selling marketplace where you can resell different types of used goods, much like eBay. People go here to shop the latest trends at a discounted rate, refresh their closet with new items, or sell items they no longer want or need. It is a place full of treasures and bargains, a place to shop and sell almost anything.

Why should you sell on Mercari? Here’s a good reason given to us by a Mercari Reseller:

Made $500 in 2 weeks!
The app works great and it's very simple to use.

Mercari has also made it into the papers referred to as one of the top 15 money making apps. It has been noted by one reseller that:

…in just four months of posting items on the app, she had an extra $2,400 in her bank account.

There are other sites like Mercari (Poshmark, Depop, eBay to name a few) that make Mercari better?

Mercari, like any marketplace app, has its strengths and weaknesses. Mercari takes a lower percentage of your sales then other brands, but it also charges more on the shipping. The great thing is, when it comes to cross-listing with the right software these issues become less of a problem.

Say you’re deciding between investing your time and money into eBay or Mercari. The PrimeLister extension takes away eBay vs Mercari issues and turns it into eBay + Mercari = Sales. It takes away the dependency on one platform and emphasizes the strengths of each one, allowing you to sell on both simultaneously from a single dashboard. In other words, it helps you cross-list.

Once set up, PrimeLister lets you organize all of your sales across all your platforms from one handy page.

Mercari Selling Tips

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Mercari has its own strengths and weaknesses. Like Poshmark it has its own offers and price drop abilities.

Cross-listing is the first, major, selling tip that you need to be implementing with your inventory and we will go into that in more depth in a moment, but there are other things to keep in mind.

Here are five Mercari tips to get you started making money selling:

Managing Inventory on Mercari.

  • If you have a lot of items in your inventory you will either need to keep an excel sheet or notebook to keep track of listings, or regularly download your seller stats. Mercari is not known for a stellar inventory search function - so be aware of this if you are posting hundreds of products.
  • PrimeLister can help you manage your inventory when selling on multiple platforms.

Shipping on Mercari.

  • Shipping using Mercari’s platform can work out to be quite expensive. The customer is more likely to buy if you are offering free shipping, if you do offer this you may want to change your price to compensate. You can use alternative shipping platforms alongside Mercari to make it a little cheaper.

Know your Audience.

  • Mercari often houses cheaper items than, say, Amazon. It has a reputation for being more of a garage sale than a second hand boutique. With this in mind you will find cheaper products sell better on Mercari. If you have a brand name item that you can get a couple of hundred dollars for it is more likely to sell on Poshmark rather than Mercari.

Mercari Virtual Assistant.

  • They can help you with all the necessary day to day tasks of becoming an active seller. If you are not engaging socially with the platform, giving likes, follows and regularly sharing your inventory, you are not going to make many sales. Virtual assistants can help you with this by pseudo-automating your workflow.

Cross-Listing on Mercari.

  • Cross-listing on Mercari is one of the most beneficial things you can be doing to increase sales and the key to how to sell fast on Mercari. Read on to find out what makes cross-listing so good.

Why Cross-List?

Cross-listing can save you hours of time, meaning you can spend time doing other, more meaningful things.

Cross-Listing is the process of selling the same inventory on multiple platforms. This can be a long process as you individually list each item on different platforms, adding descriptions, photos, titles over and over again.

Selling clothes on multiple platforms is the easiest and quickest way to make a sale. When you are selling on one platform you get some exposure, two platforms that exposure doubles, three and it triples. More exposure, more sales.

When you are using only one platform you are not going to get enough exposure to make decent sales. Cross-listing leads to exposure, exposure leads to sales.This list of cross-listing pros and cons should help you to evaluate if cross-listing will be useful to your reselling business / side-hustle.

The Pros

  • Cross-Listing speeds up your sales: Want to sell fast? Cross-listing across multiple platforms increases your exposure. More people see what you have to offer. More people like, more people share, and more people see!
  • Other opportunities for sale: If you have a type of product that is not selling on Mercari, but you have cross-listed the same product to other platforms, you may now find that same type of product is selling faster on Poshmark.
  • Cross-Listing software allows for simpler inventory management: Using Cross-Listing software like PrimeLister gives you access to one page that holds all your inventory in one place. This list tells you what’s for sale where, what price it is and allows for more cross-listing, editing, or even delisting when the occasion calls for it.

The Cons

  • It can take a long time: Without cross-listing software, Mercari cross-listing can take a long time as you transfer every detail through copying-and-pasting to other platforms.
  • Delisting issues: If you are not careful, you can end up in a situation where you have sold an item on a platform, missed taking it down off another and sold it again. This leads to a sale you can’t complete, customer and platform backlash, and a black dot against your name. All in all, this is something you want to avoid. With PrimeLister this is something you can avoid with a quick and easy delist button and a soon-to-arrive automatic de-list option.

Cross-Listing can be made simpler through the use of apps and platforms. Is there an app for cross-listing from eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Etsy and more to Mercari? Yes.

PrimeLister takes away the need to choose your platform as you can use it to cross-list across them all, managing inventory and listings from one spot.

PrimeLister & Cross-Listing

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Manual cross-listing means cross-listing one item at a time, one platform at a time. PrimeLister cross-listing means you can send one item to multiple platforms with a few quick clicks.

Cross-listing from Mercari to Poshmark requires less work than cross-listing from Mercari to Facebook Marketplace. While the Poshmark listings are similar to Mercari, Facebook listings go across a couple of pages, and eBay reverses the order of listing, leaving the photos until one of the last steps.

Cross-Listing without PrimeLister consists of the following steps:

  1. Open the item you want to cross-list in Mercari.
  2. Open what you want to cross-list to. eBay, Poshmark, Etsy or other selling platforms.
  3. List a new item, copy across your descriptions.
  4. Re-upload your photos.
  5. Sort out your categories, prices, and shipping details.
  6. List the item.
  7. Repeat on other platforms or start on a new item.

Cross-Listing with PrimeLister simplifies the process and gives you extra benefits:

  1. Start by importing your products on Mercari. Open your selling page and select the listings you wish to import, click on the PrimeLister Actions button, then choose “import” from the drop down menu.
  2. Check the item you want to cross-list. Use the actions drop down and choose the cross-list function. Now you can choose to cross list to eBay, Poshmark, Etsy, Facebook and more simply by clicking on one or more of these icons.
  3. Check the details in the pages that have opened to see if you need to make any changes, then confirm.
  4. That item has now been cross-listed to as many platforms as you need.

Check out the prices and plans for Primelister and its mass of useful features here.

👉 Try PrimeLister yourself for free!

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