PrimeLister allows sending a bulk offers on Mercari.

What it is?

As you may know, the Mercari allows seller send offer to likes, but if you have a dozen or hundreds of active items it could spend a lot of you time to do it. With PrimeLister you can do it only with just one click.

The app scans your items and selects those that have at least one Liker, and sends your offer discount.


1- Open the listings page on Mercari

2- Click PrimeLister Actions button

3- Click Offer to Likers button

4- Click "Yes, continue!" button

After that PrimeLister open a new page and start offering. PrimeLister offers %10 automatically right now. Next update will include custom discount percentage.

Important note: If you want to get maximum return for this feature. Maybe you'll consider this tip; If you sort your item according to "Number of likes", Mercari will sort by likes count. I recommend to you use this tip. Thus, Primelister will first send offers to the product with the most likes and your offer will reach more people. This also helps to increase your sales.