"Auto share" feature of PrimeLister allows you to share your entire closet on Poshmark.

The sharing feature can be used for both active and inactive listings. We recommend to you share only active listings.

How to use the "Poshmark Auto Share" feature;

Automatic share your entire closet

  • Go to your closet page
  • Open PrimeLister Extension
  • Click "Auto Share" tab

You are ready to share your closet. You have two options;

  • Share to Followers

If you use this feature PrimeLister Poshmark Bot will start share your closet automatically.

  • Share to Party

This feature same as "Share to Followers" If you select this option, PrimeLister Poshmark Bot will use party share while sharing your closet.

Custom sharing (Only selected listings)

You can share your only selected listings. PrimeLister Poshmark Bot supports this. Select the listings you want to share, then click the PrimeLister Actions button and press the "Share" button. After that PrimeLister Poshmark Bot will start sharing selected listings automatically.

Reverse Sharing

You can find settings bottom of the "Auto share" tab in PrimeLister Extension. If you turn on "Share listings from bottom (reverse share)" option, PrimeLister Poshmark Bot will use reverse share feature.