Poshmark Tips: Use PrimeLister's Schedule Sharing feature to automatically share items by time and free up time for yourself.

"Schedule" feature of PrimeLister allows you to set your tasks to be performed at a defined time in the future automatically.

Scheduled tasks are performed only if your computer and Chrome Browser is active when the predefined time comes.

NOTE: Turn off screen savers, sleep modes, and other energy-saving features on your computer.

According to your preference, the scheduling feature can be operated as all listings. You can add different schedules, like share to followers, and the next one share to party.

How to use schedule share feature on PrimeLister?

1-Navigate to your Poshmark Closet page.

2-Click on the "Slide bar" button which is on the right corner of your screen.

3-Click on the 'Poshmark Assistant' button from the top of the menu.

4-Click on the 'Share to Followers' button from the dropdown menu.

5-Click on the 'Schedule Task' button from the dropdown menu.

6-Select the date you want to do the action and press the schedule button.

7-When the predefined time comes, a new tab in your browser will be opened and the task will be done automatically. Please do not close this tab. It will be closed automatically when the task is done.

Tip:Schedule your Poshmark tasks Save more time.


  • To share only specific items, you need to select them.
  • Load all of the items on the page that you intend to share. If you have more than 48 items in your closet (or someone else’s closet), you’ll need to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to continue loading them all. You can use the auto scroll feature.
  • You can change the speed of the share button at the bottom of Settings the tab.
  • You can also pause the sharing by clicking the button again.
  • Share Continuously mode will share the items on the page over and over again.
  • You can set Continuous Loop Share. You can set how many times you share your entire closet repeatedly.
  • If the CAPTCHA comes up, PrimeLister will solve CAPTCHA automatically.
  • You can share your closet from bottom to top(reverse share mode).
  • You can schedule your sharing tasks.
  • How many schedule actions can I add?


  • What happens if schedule sharing starts while sharing running started by me?
Nothing, the schedule sharing won't start, it will disappear.
  • Does it disappear if I close a browser or shut down a computer?
No. It's safe to do it. Added schedulers are persistent.
  • Does it work with the closed browser or on the computer turned off?
No. You have to keep your computer On with an open browser. You can minimize a browser or switch to any other program.
  • What time zone is the Schedule use?
It's always the time of your computer.