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Get Noticed

Interact with Poshers and keep your connections active to build a socially-strong self brand.
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Stay Up-to-date

Get your closet displayed in the right place at the right time on Poshmark's ever-changing feed.
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Drive Sales

Show your closet in more people's feeds at a higher frequency and make more money.
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Save Time

Stop doing the manual job to share, like, and follow on Poshmark and save yourself time.

Manage Your Closet & Boutique Sales Seamlessly

Manage all profile interactions automatically from a single point to monetize your closet and boutique. Share, like, and follow different closets and profiles on autopilot.

Auto Share Listings

Share your listings to the Poshmark feed and Poshmark party automatically. Once you are done, your listings will be displayed on different places at different times and will be visited by more buyers.

Auto Follow/Unfollow

Follow other users on Poshmark automatically. Once you are done, you will get more followers, and as your follower audience grows more people will start sharing your closet and purchasing items from your closet.

Auto Like Feed

Like items on the Poshmark feed automatically. Once you are done, you will interact with more closet owners that will result in a significant increase in your sales and the number of offers you get for the items in your closet.

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"I am a Poshmark Ambassador and I have over 2000 listings. I was having a hard time organizing and sharing my listings. I can easily share my closet using the Auto Share Bot. I could not imagine it would save this much time. AMAZING!"

Poshmark Ambassador

“I am a reseller on Poshmark, Mercari, and eBay, which means time is very important to me. I now complete all my time-consuming work in Poshmark with Auto Share Bot in a few minutes and save a huge time. Love this software!”

Poshmark Ambassador

"I hired a Virtual Assistant to organize my closet but I was always uncomfortable with sharing my Poshmark password. I can now get the same work done with Auto Share Bot for less than a Virtual Assistant. PrimeLister is more effective and safer for me."

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Join 1,900+ resellers that use PrimeLister to increase their sales and save time.

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