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Get Organized

Import your listings into one place and organize your complete inventory with tags and groups.
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Stay Up-to-date

Make important changes to your listings in one place and keep your listed inventory fresh.
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Drive Sales

Distribute your items to multiple marketplaces from one place and make more money.
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Save Time

Organize, publish, and update listings faster than ever in one place and save yourself time.

Manage Your Multi-Marketplace Sales Seamlessly

Import your current listings into one place to gather your multi-marketplace inventory. Crosslist, re-list, and de-list your listings on different marketplaces without doing the job manually.

Import your listings

Import your listings into the inventory. Once you are done, your listings will be paired with their published copies on different marketplaces and will be managed easily within this inclusive inventory.

Organize your inventory

Organize your inventory with tags and groups. Once you are done, you will use tags to search for items by details like price, size, gender, shipping type, etc. As well, you will use the groups to post listings in bulk in an instant or at a scheduled time.

Crosslist your listings

Cross post your listings with one click. Once you are done, you will not have to copy/paste information manually, the detail fields of the new listing will be auto-filled and the images will be uploaded automatically to the listing.

Re-list and delist your listings

Re-list and delist your listing with one click. Once you are done, re-listing will refresh your stale listings, and delisting will help to sync your listings on different platforms when your items get sold. You can both re-list and delist your listings in bulk.

Schedule to post later

Schedule to post your listings later. Once you are done, the scheduled crossposting, re-listing, and delisting tasks get done automatically at a pre selected time.

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“OMG! Great job each time! Money well spent. Made my money back the first day I used PrimeLister. I just joined Mercari. I easily crossposted my Poshmark closet to Mercari with PrimeLister. I couldn't imagine that I could do these operations with only one click Thank you for all you do!”


“Crosspost software of PrimeLister is the single most important investment that I have made for my business. I was imagining to crosspost my vintage inventory from Mercari to Poshmark and became one of the early users of this tool. PrimeLister saved me so much time. I posted my items to multiple marketplaces in a short time. I have seen a 25% increase in my sales in such a short time. Also great support, I get a response in minutes whenever If I have questions. Thank you, guys.”


“I have been always advocating the most effective way to increase my sales is to re-list my items. The only problem was that I was getting tired of filling out the same information over and over as I keep re-listing my items. I hate having to switch back and forth between open tabs and copy-pasting descriptions to create copies of the same listing. I would like to thank a Posher friend who told me about PrimeLister. I started saving myself extra time whilst PrimLister handles all the re-listing jobs.”


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